Ava Dalush CSI Blackmail Handjob

A clip starring Ava Dalush

Ava Dalush in Ava Dalush CSI Blackmail Handjob

In this clip: ass, surreal, embarrassment, desperation, groping, handjob, cum, POV, gym/training, brunette, natural, rejection, blackmail

Swimmer Ava lays on the slab ready for medical examination - still wearing her swimming pool outfit. The doctor comes in and starts undressing her, perving around her beautiful body, and giving himself a handjob with her limp hand. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, Ava opens her eyes. She's alive! She catches him in the act. She feels totally disoriented, astonished, she doesn't remember much - But the examiner is not supporting her at all: he is excited and now wants her to finish the job, or he will put her down again. If she goes on masturbating him, he will let her go and get her life back. The girl is scared, and totally disgusted by such a creep weirdo: she hates so badly doing handjobs, but she has to accept the deal. So she takes his penis in her hand and starts doing the disgusting task. It's a long handjob, during which we can see Ava's hot naked body kneeling down on the slab as she works the weirdo's dick out.