Cop Carissa Montgomery Cheats on Her Husband at a Party

A clip starring Carissa Montgomery

Carissa Montgomery in Cop Carissa Montgomery Cheats on Her Husband at a Party

In this clip: ass, embarrassment, desperation, dirty talk, family affairs, POV, clothes, humiliation, nylon/stockings, blonde, blackmail, tits, striptease, stripping, ENF, flashing, cuckhold/cheating

A loud party is going on, when agent Carissa Montgomery (off duty, not in uniform) knocks on the door and tells you and the rest of the people to stop it.
People start making comments on her boobs (all implied), and try to invite her in but she remains professional.

At some point she notices a super hot guy wearing only a Speedo and starts fantasizing about him (thoughts as voiceovers). When people start observing she is staring at him, she acts professional and invites the guy to put clothes on. She keeps fantasizing. People invite her to have sex with him in front of everyone, which she obviously refuses. In the meantime, inside her head, it's chaos as she can't stop looking at his dick.

Suddenly she decides to rule the scene: she gets in, begins delivering a striptease, the music gets louder. She's now the star of the party, while inside her head she tells to herself she shouldn't be cheating on her husband.
She remains naked and gives up her wedding ring too.
Scene fades out, leaving the sex implied.

Scene fades back in showing her apologizing to the POV husband admitting she once again had unprotected sex with a stranger, and also he came inside of her. She is very sorry but can't keep giggling. She admits that sex was just the best she had ever had. Once again. She really feels badly, but she just feels so horny!

Finally, the whole thing is emphasized once again showing Carissa talking to a friend over the phone. She is such a horny slut!

She gets pulled in and stripped (off camera), and finds herself in the middle of the party (all implied) while people are taking pics of her naked - which will posted on the internet - touching her body etc. She is totally embarrassed and humiliated, and in the end she gets kicked out of the door, still naked, and she has to come back home like this, thinking that pictures of her naked are being leaked on the internet and all her colleagues will make fun of her for a lifetime...