Daughter shows Mom

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Kitty Cream

Chloe Toy, Kitty Cream in Daughter shows Mom

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Chloe's mom Kitty is excited. She has been out of the dating scene for so long. But, now she has met a guy thru a dating app and he is very rich. He gave her expensive pearl bracelet and necklace after their first date. Kitty is due to go out on their second date and she asks Chloe for advice.
Chloe tells her mom that guys love a dominant woman and to be teased and made to cum. Kitty has no idea what to do and asks Chloe to show her. Chloe asks the guy's name and proceeds to show her mom what to do. She tells her mom to pretend to be the guy. Chloe first teases the imaginary guy while her mom looks on. She then starts to strip her clothes showing her body, pussy and ass to her mom. Kitty smiles as she watches Chloe, strangely getting turned on by her teasing daughter. Kitty's hand instinctively moves to her own tits and pussy. Kitty massages herself before she starts to strip her own clothes. Chloe smiles as she watches her mom start to strip and then sees her moms hand start to massage her own tits and pussy. Chloe starts to finger her own pussy as she instructs her mother to do the same. Soon both women are masturbating. Chloe then stops and tells her mom to stop. Chloe moves to Kitty, kissing her and starts to caress and explore her body. Her mom responds. She explores Chloe's body. Soon they are engaged in girl/girl play. After a good while, Chloe moves back and tells Kitty to go back to masturbation while Chloe sits behind her and starts to play with Kitty's tits. Kitty does as instructed and before long an orgasm rips through her body. Kitty relaxes against Chloe, smiling. Chloe strokes Kitty's hair. Kitty thanks her daughter for showing her what to do.