AltSiren's Destroyed Big Toe

A clip starring AltSiren, Linda

AltSiren, Linda in AltSiren's Destroyed Big Toe

In this clip: feet, toes, desperation, pain/torture, encasement/wrapping, crushing, blonde, brunette, medical/clinic

AltSiren is moving into her new apartment. She is moving some heavy boxes around, and one slips out of her hands and lands on her right foot. There's a sickening crunch and AltSiren immediately screams in pain and shock, grabs her stocking foot, and hops up and down. She hops over to a chair, and sits down to examine the damage. She slowly and painfully pulls her sock off, revealing a very swollen and bruised big toe (some make-up effects here would be nice). She cries out in despair and pain when she sees her toe. She can't bend her toe, and when she gingerly tries to put weight on it, she cries out in pain when her foot won't bear any weight at all. She hops over to her phone, calls her girlfriend (who happens to be a nurse), and asks her to come by and help. Some time later, the girlfriend arrives (who can be played by any of your beautiful models) with some medical supplies, and finds AltSiren sitting down with a bag of ice, and her hand wrapped around compressing her throbbing big toe. Her friends sits down, and AltSiren quickly describes what happened. Her friend convinces AltSiren to release her toe. Begging her friend not to touch the toe as she does her assessment, AltSiren slowly realises her toe from her grasp. The girlfriend gasps when she sees the injury, and a simple visual exam tells her all she needs to know: the big toe is badly broken. The gf tries to convince AltSiren to go to the hospital, but AltSiren doesn't want to wait for hours to see a doctor, nor does she have the money necessary to pay the bill. Sobbing in pain, she begs her gf to treat her at home, and her gf begrudgingly agrees. The gf informs AltSiren that she'll have to set the broken bone, and passes Alt something to bit down on to deal with the inevitable pain. AltSiren, whimpers in anticipation of what is to come. Her gf grabs the big toe in her hands and quickly sets the bone, and AltSiren cannot contain the cry of agony. Then, the gf informs Alt that she'll be applying a soft cast around her toe and foot, to immobilize the injury as best she can. She grabs some bandages and heavily wraps AltSiren's broken big toe. The bandage extends to her foot/ankle, but leaves the tip of the big toe exposed as well as AltSiren's four smaller toes remaining completely exposed. Alt cries out in agony whenever the cast is wrapped around the big toe, and her gf apologizes for causing her friend any pain. After wrapping the injury, AltSiren wraps her arm around Linda and uses her as a human crutch to get to a sofa/couch. She leans heavily on Linda, unable to place any weight on her injured toe. Alt cannot stifle the cries of agony, any hopping/limping moment causing pain through her crushed digit. Linda helps Alt slowly hop/limp over to the sofa, lay down, and prop up her foot before heading to the pharmacy. Alt's gf leaves to head to the pharmacy and grab some pain meds, leaving AltSiren laid up with her foot on pillows. AltSiren tries to painfully wiggle her toes on her injured foot, but only the smaller exposed toes bend, the big one sticking rigidly up in the air, immobilized by the cast (a sole shot with facial expressions in the background would be great here). AltSiren can't deal with the pain anymore, and decides to check her apartment to find any sort of medication. She hops around the apartment, grabbing furniture for support, looking for meds. Eventually, she tries limping on the outside of her foot, keeping the big toe off the ground. However, she finds no medication and ends up painfully making her way back to her couch. With her foot laid up again on the pillow, AltSiren regrets moving into her apartment without help. She laments breaking her big toe, not having proper medical support, and wondering if her big toe will ever heal properly.