Honour May Diaper Humiliation and POV Blackmail

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May Diaper Humiliation and POV Blackmail

In this clip: embarrassment, POV, humiliation, rejection, blackmail, sexy/provocative, pee, age play

Honour has just gotten dressed in shiny leggings/leather pants and a nice tight top, to go out to a bar and meet guys. But before she leaves, she notices a note with a thick, plastic adult diaper underneath. The note is from her roommate and says that since Honour hasn't paid rent in the last few months, she is going to get evicted, unless she wears a diaper and meets her at the bar. Not being able to afford eviction she begrudgingly pulls down her pants and puts on the diaper. Once she has it on and pulls her pants back up she takes a few looks in the mirror from different angles nervous about how noticeable her diaper is. Reluctantly she heads out to the bar. Honour is at a bar (or just a different room) where she is having a drink and is visibly nervous. She is constantly pulling her pants up worried about her diaper poking out and being exposed in front of everyone. After a little while she realizes she has to pee and begins squirming and trying to hold it. At this point her roommate (implied camera POV) shows up with a bunch of her friends to say hi to her. Honour is trying to play it off but is desperate to pee. The roommate and her friends ask if something is wrong and if you need a diaper change. Embarrassed, she exclaims to her roommate that she can't believe she told everyone. The roommate and her friends tell Honour to pull her pants down to show off her diaper and pee in it. She refuses, but her roommate promises that if she does this, she'll consider the rent paid and she'll even give Honour a clean diaper to go home in. Reluctantly Honour agrees and does it. Afterwards, she remarks about how wet her diaper is and asks for a spare diaper, but the roommate lied and said Honour will just have to wear that for the rest of the night. Completely humiliated, Honour pulls her pants back up, wincing at the wetness and waddles out of the bar to go home.