The Age Regression Pill - Chloe Toy

A clip starring Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy in The Age Regression Pill - Chloe Toy

In this clip: embarrassment, masturbation, young, night/deshabille, humiliation, horny, blonde, annoyed, pee, naive, age play

The story is about Hilary who is taking part in a medical test; the pills she has had a side effect of regression. The scene takes places in Hilary’s bed, she is wearing nighty and a diaper. Camera at the foot of the bed, views Hilary sleeping with the sheets over her while sucking on her thumb. Slowly she wakes up and quickly pulls her thumb from her mouth in shock “Why do I keep sucking my thumb?” she shakes her head and moves around in her bed when a shocked expression crosses her face. “Oh god no, I didn’t do that, please say I didn’t do that” slowly she grabs hold of the bed sheets and nervously pulls them away revealing the wet diaper between her legs. She looks down horrified “I’ve wet the bed? No I’ve wet a diaper” she shakes her head “What is happening? I suck my thumb, I crawl around and now I wet diapers. I’m turning into a... A baby” she shudders Slowly she gets up onto her hands and knees and crawls around her bed feeling the diaper “I have to stop taking those pills I can’t let this get any worse, what is going to happen next” she sits back down and looks back down at the diaper and sighs. Slowly she places her hand on top of the wet diaper with a disgusted look on her face “No more pills, I don't care about the money I can’t wake up to wet diapers every morning” slowly her hand moves up and down on her diaper her eyes go wide “What am I doing?” she shouts out her hand continues to move “I can’t believe I’m doing this, I can’t stop myself” She places her thumb back in her mouth and looks into the camera and carries on rubbing her diaper She continues till she climaxes then looks at the camera again upset.