Linda Diaper Night

A clip starring Linda

Linda in Linda Diaper Night

In this clip: ass, young, playful/giggling, brunette, skinny, stripping, sensual, age play

Linda comes home from a sexy night out with her GFs, she has had a little bit to drink and finds she is home alone. She decides to see where her BF is and slip into a little treat for him. She changes into a nice snug diaper and has herself a glass of wine. She gets word that her BF is on his way over and decides to complete the look going topless in just a diaper knee high socks and pigtails to give him his fantasy night. While putting on the last details of her outfit she takes some breaks to lay on the bed and play on her phone. After some time she realizes he must be getting close so does some more inspecting to make sure she looks sexy and adorable for her man. She then gets the call saying he is her and she makes her way to the door to give him a surprise