Bad Dolly Becomes Magically Headless During an Experiment

A clip starring Bad Dolly

Bad Dolly in Bad Dolly Becomes Magically Headless During an Experiment

In this clip: legs, surreal, tease, Fixed camera, blonde, sexy/provocative, sensual, magic

This scene opens with a famous scientist and his lab assistant entering a room. The lab assistant is wearing a very short skirt and high heels and an open collar shirt. She is clearly infatuated with the scientist and is very flirty with him. The scene is filmed in a manner that we always see the assistant’s legs. The scientist has been doing experiments in invisibility under a contract with the defense industry. As part of his work, he has developed a collar that, once activated, makes the head invisible. His idea is to outfit soldiers or spies with multiple collars and belts that will make them completely invisible. He has tried his collar out on animals, but never on a human. His lab assistant really wants to please him, and begs him to let her be the first. He knows that he would have trouble finding volunteers, and it is clear she really wants his approval…and maybe more… So he agrees. He has her remove her lab coat, sit down and put her hair up. She is quite sexy and flirty and crosses her legs nervously. He fixes the collar on her and tells her that once activated she must not try to remove it… It could be dangerous. She has to wait until it is off and he tells her it is safe. He hands her a small mirror so she can see how it works. He has a small remote control and asks if she is ready. She is quite excited and thinks it will be fun to see what she looks like without her head. He presses the control and her head vanishes. He’s happy, as it works just as he hoped. He asks if she can still see and hear properly… He asks her to say something. Then he tells her to look in the mirror to see for herself and she holds it up slightly, like she would be looking down into it. She is quite amazed…she comments on how she looks without her head. She thinks it is actually quite hot and sexy. What does he think? He remarks how it is quite a turn on to see her without her head. She begins flirting with him, crossing and stroking her legs. She asks how he’d like to do it with a headless woman? What would people think if he was walking down the street with her in this condition? She notes he is looking at her legs….she says that since she has no head, he can’t tell what she’s looking at or if she is paying attention. She teases him, saying that now he has to be more careful. He asks if he can touch her…to make sure all her senses work while she is invisible. She is excited…she wants him to touch her…would he like to worship her legs a little? She crosses and strokes them and he does the same. After this goes on for a while, he says its probably time to turn off the collar…he isn’t sure how she might be affected if he leaves her with an invisible head for some time…he tries to turn off the collar with the remote control, but it won’t work! He panics….she asks what’s wrong? He tells her the control isn’t working. She gets excited…what is she supposed to do now? She demands he take off the collar…he reminds her he can’t while her head is still invisible. She is really upset now. She can’t just go around without a head…what will people think? What will she tell her family? She is crying a little, getting angry with him… He sits down, exasperated…he doesn’t know what to do. He apologizes and consoles her a little…it’s not so bad…she looks really sexy without her head! Really, she says? Almost twice as good…and think of the fortune she could make appearing as a headless woman… The scene ends with her accepting her fate and coming up with ideas about how she’ll make do as a headless woman.