Bossy Honour May Gets Hand Fucked While Magically Headless and Frozen

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Bossy Honour May Gets Hand Fucked While Magically Headless and Frozen

In this clip: hands, sleeping/limp, trance/hypnosis, masturbation, groping, handjob, secretary/business, denial, freeze/robot, Fixed camera, humiliation, rejection, sexy/provocative, annoyed, magic, dominant/leading

Boss Honour May calls a guy into her office: she is furious as he keeps coming into work dressed as if he's going to the beach. However, the guy is a bit bratty and seems not to give it too much importance: he knows he's a big nerd and he is necessary to the company, and he believes it's stupid to focus on attire when he has the skills. Honour is furious and wants to give him a lesson: she's going to flip a coin, and he has to guess whether it's heads or tails. If he gets it right, he gets one more chance to stay in the company - Otherwise, he is fired. Honour flips the coin; before she opens her hands, he must guess. However, he sneaks his hands into his pocket and grabs a small magic remote. he pushes a button, and Honour's head disappears in the blink of an eye. She no longer has any perception of time and her headless body remains frozen, miserably holding the coin in her palms. The guy opens her hands, gets the coin out and can now alter the result in his favor. At this point he knows the answer and may as well restore Honour's head, who would not be aware at all of what happened in that time frame, as it didn't exist for her... However, before he does so, he wants to take advantage of the situation and be a bit mean to his boss: he takes his dick out and begins giving himself a handjob using Honour's hands. He will restore Honour's head in once he's pleased; she will be very frustrated when it turns out his guess is right and she can't fire him, but whe would not even imagine that he just got a handjob out of her palms!