Sweet Ellie Foot Fucked While Being Magically Headless

A clip starring Ellie

Ellie in Sweet Ellie Foot Fucked While Being Magically Headless

In this clip: feet, sleeping/limp, masturbation, footjob, young, foot worship, magic

A young girl goes to a mad scientist/therapist complaining about some neck pain. She knows he has been developing a revolutionary machine which makes the head magically disappear for some time in order to give the neck some relief. The head gets then restored back as if nothing happened and the person can go on with her day hopefully without the pain. The guy tells her that in the meantime her magically headless body will remain limp and senseless like a rag doll, but it can stay on the couch and he can go on with his things without being bothered by it. Ellie is fine with it and she wants to proceed: the guy puts a helmet over her head, does a countdown and presses a button: in the space of a second, the girl's head vanishes away and the headless body goes limp. Now the scientist is supposed to go on with his tasks and forget about Ellie for a couple of hours... But, instead, he approaches the limp body and grabs her legs! He slowly takes off her shoes and socks, exposing and groping her luscious soles. there is clearly some dodgy plan behind this. In fact, he begins worshipping these limp doll's feet, and also takes his dick out and starts sliding it between the girl's soles giving himself a footjob... Without her head, Ellie can't know what's going on, but the patient has been completely betrayed! He would go through serious trouble if all this was discovered, but he knows the girl will never have any knowledge of what happened to her body during the treatment, so he's quite confident and handles these feet as if they were his own sexual toys. After a while perving and masturbating, he cums on Ellie's feet and we see closeups of her soles wet and dripping. Later on, the guy has cleaned the girl's feet and redressed them in socks and shoes. He made sure there are no traces of unprofessional behaviour and he activates the helmet again: quickly the head gradually reappears, the body restarts moving, Ellie is back! The girls seems to be very happy, checks her neck, the pain has gone! She is so pleased with the service, literally she can't believe it! Such a good and intelligent guy, she can't be grateful enough...