Doctor Lauren in Trouble

A clip starring Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in Doctor Lauren in Trouble

In this clip: bondage, anger, desperation, young, denial, brunette, big tits, rejection, annoyed, blindfolded, medical/clinic

It’s Friday and the female doctor is in a waiting room of her medical practice. No patients are there. It’s late and closing time.Lauren is talking with a friend on her phone. At some point a man enters the clinic; Lauren welcomes him and turns around, and suddenly she is grabbed from behind. She screams for help for a while until she gives up. It is a robbery. Lauren is sitting on the couch. Her hands are back tied and legs too with rope. The villain is behind the camera. Lauren starts talking with him.Lauren: What do you want? I am a doctor. This is a clinic, I have no money here. Why do you tie me up? Untie me and go home. I won’t call the cops.Soon will someone will come and see me tied.Then you are in so much trouble.He says that he will find something. Its late, nobody will come for help. He comes to Lauren with black duct tape.Lauren protests: No! No! You won’t put the tape over my mouth. That will not happen. Don’t do it. I dare you.He takes a big stripe of black duct tape and puts it slowly on Laurens mouth and leaves, searching for valuables. Lauren finds her smartphone. and tries to reach it for making a call to her friend. With the tape over her mouth the starts speaking with her friend... The villain gets back. He hand gags her and stops her to say more. He hangs up the phone. Lauren screams with the hand of the villain over her mouth. He says that this was a big mistake. Villain: Go back to the couch. She sits down. On the couch he takes the tape away. She starts screaming. He put his hand over her mouth.They call her girlfriend again, Lauren should say, that everything is fine and she have to cancel their weekend plans. With the hand over her mouth Lauren refuses. He says if she doesn’t they will visit her girlfriend and she will be bound and gagged too. He takes his hand of Laurens mouth.Lauren: You win.I don’t want my friend tied and gagged too. I can’t bring her in this situation.The guy holds the phone and dials the number. Lauren talks to her friend and cancels the plan. He put his hand over her mouth again. Yes he is happy now. Lauren is angry and makes a lot of noise with the hand over her mouth. He takes black bondage tape and tape around the head, and brings Lauren away with him. Later on, Lauren is in another room. She is tied to a chair, blindfolded but not gagged. But her hands are front tied not back tied. Lauren: Where I am?How could I escape now?The man comes in. He takes the blindfold away. Villain:Hope you like your new home. We will spend a long time together.Lauren: Let me go asshole! I will call the cops, after I escape. You will spend a lot of time in prison. Villain: Its weekend nobody will miss you. So we have a lot of time.The man takes the duct tape and gags the girl.He laughs and leaves the room.