Kitty Cream Doggiestyle Sexy Tease

A clip starring Kitty Cream

Kitty Cream in Kitty Cream Doggiestyle Sexy Tease

In this clip: ass, legs, dirty talk, mature/older, lingerie/underwear, tease, POV, horny, sexy/provocative, stripping, sensual, spanking, spreads

Kitty enters the room. Walks around a bit, bend over a few times to pick up stuff from the floor. Also bends over any furniture to show her behind. Crosses legs and bend over. She makes some sexy poses. She sits down on the couch and faces the camera. Crosses and uncrosses legs a few times, but holds position for at least ten seconds. Pulls skirt slowly upwards to reveal stocking tops and panties. Talks dirty: How she loves sex with young men. Her secret fantasy is to be spanked by one or two, then fucked. She rises up, and sexily takes of the panties. Holds the skirt up, turns around and bends over. She takes off the skirt, making the pussy visible. Walks around and does the same poses at the first part. But now also spreads ass cheeks when bending over.