The Secret Ingredient

A clip starring Valentina Bianco

Valentina Bianco in The Secret Ingredient

In this clip: legs, feet, bondage, vore, eating, groping, footjob, denial, massage, encasement/wrapping, playful/giggling, brunette, submission/slavery, passive/submissive, annoyed

A guy shows his new steel table to his submissive play partner; he wants to try a game with her, but doesn't tell her the details. She is a bit hesitant, but theyre friends and play partners so she agrees to follow his instructions. It is a kind of bondagy game, so he ties her wrists together and then starts to tie her legs together has well - But, despite he used regular rope on the wrists, she notices he is using roast cord for her legs, which is thinner and a bit unusual for bondage! He explains her that it's a creative game which is also inspired by food, and in fact he begins hinting using some food-based words, such as "you look delicious"... This drives Valentina a bit confused, but still she likes to humour him in this game. When he oils up her legs with olive oil and puts a salad dressing all around her, she begins to get really confused... The situation climaxes when he mentions a 'secret ingredient' he needs, and basically slips his cock between her oiled up soles, and begins pumping! Now she protests trying to kick him away, but he pushes an apple in her mouth as a natural ball gag to silence her off, so he can finish his job and juice himself up while she protests in disappointment...