Laura Smith Becomes The Main Course

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Smith Becomes The Main Course

In this clip: legs, vore, surreal, willing, embarrassment, massage, playful/giggling, brunette

Laura comes to help her friend Fusion prepare dinner for a group of people who are coming shortly, but he immediately notices there is something wrong: she forgot to bring the meat as they previously agreed. Laura is very embarrassed and tries to find a solution, but time is too short and there is literally not much to do. At first the perspective to have her being the main course seems silly, but the guy quickly pushes her into agreeing that's the only way, and she has to accept it as she is responsible for the mess. Laura can do nothing but agree to it. First thing to do is strip naked and climb on the kitchen table. She obeys, keeping it funny as she talks with her friend about the whole thing. Once in position she gets wrists and ankles tied up with roast cord first, then rubbed with coconut oil, has pineapple and herbs on her back and finally she gets shut up by an apple in her mouth. Later on, the guy and another friend bring the roast in on a massive metal wheelie table. Camera pans around Laura posing surrounded by vegetables, shiny skin and apple still in her mouth...