Young Lola Rae Has her Leg Oiled Up And Prepared

A clip starring Lola Rae

Lola Rae in Young Lola Rae Has her Leg Oiled Up And Prepared

In this clip: legs, feet, vore, eating, young, massage, encasement/wrapping, playful/giggling, brunette

A guy comes home and finds out his girlfriend has invaded the kitchen table, and is being sexy up there asking for him to moisturize him in a teasing way. He's a bit disappointed as he's hungry and he was supposed to cook, but there is very little he can do but accept to do one leg at least. He starts the usual procedure by massaging the foot, feeling the calf muscle, then wrapping up the lower leg into a roast cord bondage harness which gently squeezes the flesh out. He then adds rosemary and proceeds oiling up the limb using a brush, until her skin is all shiny and wet with oil. Then he adds some spices to help the moisturizing. At that point her leg looks like a succulent piece of roast, and also smells delicious. He's so hungry that he starts seeing that as food and wishes he could bite that sexy leg of hers, but actually it's best he gets on cooking a normal meal...