Rachel Has Her Leg Oiled Up And Prepared

A clip starring Rachel

Rachel in Rachel Has Her Leg Oiled Up And Prepared

In this clip: legs, feet, vore, eating, massage, encasement/wrapping, playful/giggling, brunette

Rachel comes home starving just to find out her partner is quite behind with cooking. In order to fill the wait, he suggests he's been wanting to try something different for some time. He asks her to strip her legs and feet naked and jump onto the kitchen bar. She is a bit hesitant, but now she's curious so she does so. Once she's up, he begins feeling her muscles and the tenderness of her soles and skin. It starts off with a massage and she appreciates that. At some point he grabs some roasting cord, and begins wrapping her lower leg in a bizarre food bondage harness, as if it was a piece of beef. Rachel is confused, but can't deny her leg looks gorgeous, as the thin rope squeezes into her flesh making her skin come out all rounded up. The two start making fun comments about the way the leg looks. After this, he gets some olive oil and begins to spread it on the leg, for moisturizing purposes. Rachel is surprised, as her leg is starting to look like properly ready to go in the oven, but she can't deny she can feel the positive effect the oil will bring to her skin, so she appreciates. Later on, when he puts rosemary leaves between the cord and flesh, plus salt and herbs all over her skin, she is definitely surprised by the feel, smell and look of her leg: it's making their mouths watering, so they keep making funny coments about it, as the luscious leg looks ready for the oven but of course this is not something they can try. If only they could!