Dolcett Roast Lexy

A clip starring Lexy

Lexy in Dolcett Roast Lexy

In this clip: genitals, ass, legs, feet, toes, bondage, vore, surreal, willing, embarrassment, licking, groping, wet, horny, passive/submissive, spreads, forced orgasm, naive

This is my favourite roast themed video ever. The guy is actually a professional chef and really know what he's talking about. Lexy is naturally submissive and creative, and has no boundaries at all. The interaction wasn't scripted and everything has been left to the actors, who came out with an amazing improvisation: the situation and dialogues they both create are highly hilarious and erotic, strictly to the point as if they had a clear idea of the fetish. It is a genuine cooking masterpiece. A submissive girl meets the chef; she's there for the roast. The chef has her undressed and starts inspecting her naked body, talking in terms of cooking possibilities. The girl is curious, asks a lot of questions about how suitable she is as a roast, whether she'll be fully roasted or not, etc. She is naturally submissive and naive. Special attention goes to her pussy: in order to find out which spices and herbs will work with that, the chef has to taste it raw, with his mouth; this brings some excitement to the girl, who tries to hide it as best as she can, as the chef is only doing his job. The guy really seems to know what he's doing, and the girl feels she's in his hands. The talking goes on for several minutes, then we see Lexy with an apple in her mouth and the ankles tied up so that her legs stay open and pussy is exposed. The chef brushes oil all over the body, putting special attention to the pussy; there he makes a fine work, and also slides his fingers inside in order to let the oil in and feel the flesh he's going to cook. Just to feel it, he also slaps the butts and tits soundly, before leaving to take a break.