Stella Meets The Duct Tape Foot Worshipper Bondage Creep

A clip starring Stella

Stella in Stella Meets The Duct Tape Foot Worshipper Bondage Creep

In this clip: ass, feet, bondage, peril, anger, casual/ordinary, denial, blonde, foot worship, rejection, choking

Stella is home alone, lying on her bed. She is reading and talking on the phone. She is wearing jeans, a t-shirt and short socks. She is talking about an article she is reading about "The Duct Tape Creep". She describes how he likes to tie girls up and do things with their feet, then he tortures them by putting tape over their nose. She hears a noise in the house and tells the person she has to go. She goes to look and a man grabs her from behind and puts his hand over her mouth. The scene cuts to Stella tied up on the bed. Her hands are tied behind her back. Her ankles are tied together. She begs him not to hurt her and to let her go. He puts tape over her mouth and removes her socks. He plays a game with her, pinching her nose shut so she can't breathe, then letting it go. He tells her to wiggle her toes. Each time he holds her nose a little bit longer. Finally, she knows what's coming. He tapes her nose shut and strokes her face. He picks up the camera and films her, getting some good close ups of her face, until she succumbs.