Dizzy Schoolgirls In Dustmasks - Jane and Lauren

A clip starring Lauren Louise, Jane

Lauren Louise, Jane in Dizzy Schoolgirls In Dustmasks - Jane and Lauren

In this clip: neck, trance/hypnosis, mental domination, POV, domination, blonde, brunette, big tits, tits, choking, moaning, dazed

We see Jane and Lauren dazed, barely awake lying in just their panties on the bed with their heads and shoulders propped up by pillows. They are dazed by dustmasks which have been placed over their mouth and nose. They are lying close together side by side on their backs barely able to move. All they can do is moan and groan woozily - their eyelids barely opening and their head and arms barely able to move. Lots of close-ups of the models' faces as they go under. The girls groggily try to move. It’s no use. They're far too heavily dazed so we watch them moan and groan under their dustmasks trying to look at each other and get free. Lots of groggy moaning and begging. Lots of close-ups of their faces and sad sleepy eyes.