Honour May ENF Pee Bondage on Live Streaming

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May ENF Pee Bondage on Live Streaming

In this clip: ass, bondage, anger, embarrassment, desperation, groping, casual/ordinary, punishment, POV, Fixed camera, wet, humiliation, brunette, rejection, tits, stripping, forced/abusive, ENF, pee, flashing

The idea is for a ENF and pee video. Honour May has been cheating on her boyfriend, who has found out and wants revenge. The video would start with Honours hands tied above her head and feet bound slightly spread in a standing position. She is just waking up to find out she is in this position. In front of her is a computer and webcam and she sees she is being broadcast to a Chaturbate style website.
Her boyfriend explains he found out that she’s been cheating on him and is going to humiliate her to the world and let every one see her in her underwear. Everytime a tip goal is achieved on the cam website, he takes off an item of her clothing, or if he can't get the item off, he moves the clothes to a position that will reveal the most intimate parts. Like pants and to the knees etc. Once the goal has been achieved, he then decides that he is going to go all the way, and strip her completely, her biggest fear being naked in public, sending her in to hysterics. Once again going off tips. When he gets to the panties, he really toys with the last bit of her dignity. Pretending he has second thoughts about going all the way, really wanting to take his time with the final blow of her humiliation. Once naked and humiliated, she says that she needs to go to the bathroom. Her boyfriend says the next tip goal that is achieved he will let her go, which no one tips for, meaning she ends up losing control and has to pee in front of the audience furthering the humiliation.