Anna Darling Entranced Into Giving Handjob

A clip starring Anna Darling

Anna Darling in Anna Darling Entranced Into Giving Handjob

In this clip: ass, trance/hypnosis, masturbation, groping, handjob, cum, mental domination, freeze/robot, blonde, chubby, stripping, passive/submissive

Anna sees a therapist seeking for help, as she can't stop smoking. He offers her a mesmerizing treatment, which she agrees to. Time to relax and stare at a swinging pendant, until she is zombified.

At that point, as her eyes are still open and she is talking back in a robotic way, not having a proper realization on what's going on but ready to be reprogrammed and willing to execute any kind of orders, Anna can't know nor oppose to the fact that the therapist has some dodgy plans instead, and orders her to entertain him with a striptease first, then sit down and give him a passive handjob while he talks to her and convinces you into not wanting to smoke anymore, and finally order her to go doggiestyle and receive his cumshot on her bum and back.

Later on, Anna has been redressed and is not being brought back to her normal state: she doesn't remember anything, but she is glad that she doesn't seem to feel any need to smoke...