Teaser on the Guillotine - April O'Moore

A clip starring April O'Moore

April O'Moore in Teaser on the Guillotine - April O'Moore

In this clip: legs, bondage, peril, dirty talk, secretary/business, punishment, denial, brunette, sexy/provocative, sensual, flashing, dominant/leading

Prisoner April is sitting on a chair, looking annoyed, awaiting for her execution; she is a famous criminal and she's really self confident. her plan is to tease the executioner with her legs and body and manage to break free. The executioner finally comes to get her; she starts doing some tease play, showing her legs off, questioning him on his plans... What is he going to do with her after execution? And so on... very explicit talking. She tries to bring his sexual desire up, and then tries to tease him by making him understand that he doesn't need to take her head to have her body, she'll allow him to do whatever he wants provided that after that she'll let her go... Will she succeed?