Carmel Anderson Hostage POV Inspection, Blowjob, Sex and Interrogation

A clip starring Carmel Anderson

Carmel Anderson in Carmel Anderson Hostage POV Inspection, Blowjob, Sex and Interrogation

In this clip: genitals, bondage, peril, sleeping/limp, embarrassment, masturbation, blowjob, groping, fucking, POV, blonde, blackmail, tits, stripping, passive/submissive, blindfolded, faceless/anonymous, spreads, interrogation, details/closeups

Carmel is in her bedroom, having a call with her boyfriend, who is an extremely dangerous mob boss, and also really jealous: he likes her to wear no panties, but would never accept that she does anything with someone else. After the call, a appears and puts her to sleep in a struggle. Once she is out, he puts a hood on her head, handcuffs her limp body and the scene fades out. Scene fades back in showing Carmel still hooded and limp, but she has been carried to a secret place. The POV wakes her up and explains that she has been hooded for her safety, so she can't see where she is and can't see his face, so hopefully they will be able to release her. All they want is to know information about her boyfriend, but first he wants to have some fun. He takes the handcuffs off and order s her to deliver extreme spreads and closeups to the camera first; the game goes on as he orders her to perform a very explicit masturbation in front of the camera. After that he takes his dick out and orders her to give him a blowjob, but after a while he stops and starts fucking her until they both cum. Finally, he asks her details about her boyfriend, which she gives out.