Honour May and The Foot Fucker Intruder

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May and The Foot Fucker Intruder

In this clip: genitals, legs, feet, peril, desperation, masturbation, licking, kissing, groping, footjob, cum, night/deshabille, denial, POV, brunette, foot worship, rejection, holding, stripping, passive/submissive, spit/saliva

It's midnight. The special agent Honour is in her secret hideout, she sleeps in her bed, covered with a sheet. The place is secure 24/24. Honour works for the government. She has been investigating for months on a very powerful criminal group. She has almost gathered enough evidence to jail important members of the criminal group including the leader. Unfortunately for Honour and for the government, the criminal group has spotted Honour and they know what she is doing, that it's the one that holds the corroborating evidence. This is how the leader of the criminals sent a member of his team to steal the record of evidence and to threaten Honour ... The criminal has entered the secret hideout. He now has the free way. He slowly advances to Honour, who is sleeping soundly and believes herself safe. He opens his bag and takes out a knife, bends over Honour, puts his hand on the mouth and brings his knife to her face. Honour wakes up suddenly. The criminal asks her not to make any noise or he will dispatch her immediately. Honour is frightened, she answers yes to the head. Then the Man withdrew the sheet covering the almost naked body of Honour with a sharp blow: she is wearing a nightgown. He puts Honour on his stomach and repeats to her to let himself be done and not to utter a word. She answers with a nod. The criminal then covers her mouth with a piece of tape and attaches her hands behind his back. The man then approaches his knife quietly near Honour and tells her to stay well while he looks for the file that his boss has asked him to look for. The criminal digs a little in the room and he finds the file very quickly. He puts it in his bag. His mission is over, but not quite... He looks a moment Honour. He kneels slowly and begins to grope energetically the thighs of Honour, her ass after taking her panties off and then her feet. He is very excited, especially when he begins to touch her feet. It's very bizarre: he has never been attracted to women's feet, but Honour's feet really excite him, so much that he lies down at her feet and sniffs its for a moment. After that, the criminal violently returns Honour on her back, approaches her neck slowly and begins to lick it with a big lick. Then he lifts his tongue up to her face and licks her face. Honour not to defend herself, she is obliged to suffer in silence this humiliation. The man retrieves his knife by the bed and approaches Honour's face. He tells her that he will remove her piece of tape to kiss her. He wants her to open her mouth as she pulls out her tongue. Honour says yes with a nod, the man removes the piece of tape, Honour trembling gently opens her mouth sobbing and shyly pulls out her tongue. The man licks Honour's tongue, and forces her to kiss him for a moment. After having had enough, he puts the tape back on Honour's mouth and threatens it again with his knife violently: he wants her to keep quiet and show no signs of resistance. The man is sweating and he is stressed. He thinks of leaving so as not to get caught. However, he realizes that nobody is coming and the place is lost in the middle of nowhere. He is not risking anything. He wants to continue to humiliate his victim but he is especially very excited. His eyes staring at the special agent's feet, he feels a terrible desire to lick her feet. He kneels down, takes both ankles with both hands and shoots Honour's feet up to his face. He glances at Honour and tells him he does not want to hear a single sound. He begins to lick her soles vigorously, he spends his big tongue between her toes and sucks her toes. Honour is frightened, humiliated and disgusted. The criminal makes her turn a real nightmare with his tongue ... The foot licking lasts a good little while, until the man can do more: he feels that his cock will explode. He gets up and hastily removes his pants and his panties. Honour sees appear before her a threatening cock that is ready to explode. Honour is aware that the man is going to rape her, she just hopes that he will cums as quickly as possible, anyway she can not defend herself, she is forced to suffer. The criminal kneels and places his cock between the feet of his victim and fucks them until he cums abundantly on her soles. The man gets dressed again, he takes his knife, sits on the bed and tells her not to tell anyone about this story, and to investigate, otherwise he will find her, capture her and deliver her to the whole gang. criminal who will have a great pleasure to lick and fuck her feet for weeks. In tears Honour responds with a nod. The man removes the piece of tape from her mouth, he releases her hands and pushes her on the bed. He takes his bag and leaves. Honour is lying on the bed, hands on her face, exhausted and shocked by what has just happened. The camera takes a close look at Honour's distress and goes down from head to toe. Before the scene fades, one can see a close-ups on the feet covered abundantly with cum.