Fisheye Hands and Mouth Extreme Closeups - Honour May

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Fisheye Hands and Mouth Extreme Closeups - Honour May

In this clip: hands, genitals, licking, kissing, tease, POV, playful/giggling, horny, brunette, smothering, tits, sensual, giantess, spit/saliva, mouth, details/closeups, nose

Honour sits in front of a fisheye camera, putting her hands directly on the lens. She smothers the camera, slaps it, grabs and turns the lens just generally playing with it. Then she picks up the camera bringing it closer to her and starts to kiss and lick the lens only wiping it if the lens gets too obscured, alternating randomly from short pecks to deep kisses. The kisses and licks shouldn't be too frequent either I want to see her face/body. I don't think she should hold the camera too close to her face during these short intervals either. She occasionally holds the camera out arms length and pose for it/ point the camera at her legs from her view / put the camera in her lap so it can see her thighs.