Atlanta the Flexible Dolcett Roast

A clip starring Atlanta Moreno

Atlanta Moreno in Atlanta the Flexible Dolcett Roast

In this clip:

Atlanta is a grade A flexible roastee girl; she has been purchased by a master chef who specializes in edgy plate presentations, and he has high expectations on her. After a friendly talk he begins to oil up her breasts, and it looks marvelous. Soon it's time to bend her into the baking position, stretched out with her legs up... A pose normal girls can't achieve, but Atlanta is supposed to, as she has been paid loads because of their qualities. However, she seems to have trouble getting into the position and the chef starts getting upset. Atlanta is failing, not meeting her standards, and the chef is worried his plate presentation may fail. This anxious mood causes Atlanta to push through her limits, and thanks to the help of the chef her legs will get in position, and then locked over her head with rope. The two are relieved and happy now. The chef proceeds oiling up her stretched bum and sliding an aubergine into her pussy for added flavour. An apple in her mouth is the final touch up, and then Atlanta is happily ready to go. Pans of Atlanta posing as a roast follow.