Foot Crazed Man Bondage FootJob

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 in Foot Crazed Man Bondage FootJob

In this clip: feet, toes, bondage, peril, desperation, destroying, masturbation, groping, footjob, cum, casual/ordinary, POV, gym/training, foot worship, rejection, passive/submissive, fitness/training

This is a home movie, shot in POV and various appliances, chairs, etc. for a stable shot. This man is obsessed with feet, especially athletic built gals with perfect soles, toes, and arches. He loves them to wear socks, or hosiery, but this time the young woman he has been stalking at the hotel he works at, is always wearing white athletic socks with no shoes in the halls of the hotel, so he is crazy with lust for her feet. He sneaks into her hotel room while she is relaxing after her day, he watches her as she sits on the couch with her feet, still in new white socks, up on the armrest, rubbing feet together and curling and flexing her toes. This drives him wild so he drops his backpack to make a noise and hides behind the wall for her to come around the corner and he knocks her out. He doesn't want to hurt this sexy woman, he is just dying to play with and have fun with her soles and feet. He checks her body out and goes to her feet. he lifts and checks them, then gets excited, so he cuts off his camera and ties her up on the sofa. He is no bondage expert, but he ties her wrists, knees, and feet together and loops it through the bottom of the sofa so she cant get free. He goes to her feet as she wakes up all tied up on the couch. She moans and screams out for him to let her go, then asks him if she knows him from somewhere. He is not much into small talk and just says, "I am here for what you have been teasing me with for so long." He grabs her feet she resists the entire time wiggling her feet and trying to kick her legs as he puts her feet in his crotch and grinds them. She is disgusted and scared. He just wants to have his way with her feet. He tries to tell her that but she wiggles and moves, but it feels good on his crotch.She is making too much noise so he grabs some of her socks from her case and stuffs them in her mouth to shut her up to muffled screams and moans. He picks up the camera and sits in a chair pulling her legs and feet to his lap. She writhes and kicks her feet, but he keeps her close feet on his crotch, and then smelling and sniffing them. He gets even more excited and grabs some scissors, making holes in the soles of the socks so he can sniff and lick her soles, then he puts her feet back on the armrest and moves his camera. He drops his pants and puts his hard cock on her feet, he sticks his cock into the sock hole and fucks her feet through the sock, telling her to keep fighting so her toes wiggle around on his dick. He fucks her feet in each sock hole for a while awkwardly trying to hold the camera to get a good angle, but she is fighting and he is trying to use his off hand to keep her in the area. He sets the camera back up after some POV, then he takes the socks off and starts to beat her feet with his cock, then fuck her soles and toes, holding her feet by the rope so she can only wiggle the toes and arches to feel good. He lubes them up so they are glistening and orders her to give him a foot job while he films it from a couple angles. She does as she is told though she says she hates it, she does a great job. This drives him into a frenzy so he tells her in more detail and she obliges. He reaches down to feel her warm ass and pussy in her Daisy Dukes. He fucks her feet harder and she tickles his balls with her toes and he shoots his load all over her feet and dripping on to the sofa arm. He keeps holding the camera and cumming, helping himself to propel all over her soles and toes. He rubs his still hard cock all over the soles and toes of her feet. He moves angles and keeps at it, rubbing the cum and lube all over her feet. She is defeated and ashamed but he does not care right now, he feels so good and his dream has come to life. Now he must decide what to do next. He decides to get some shots of her and gets dressed, getting his stuff together and grabbing the socks he cut holes in so he can keep them. He goes to her face and tells her he is sorry but the gag has to stay in and he might come back later, she cries out her muffled poor me and he leaves with her still tied up, face down on the sofa trying to free herself.