Sophia Lee Candid Feet

A clip starring Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee in Sophia Lee Candid Feet

In this clip: feet, night/deshabille, blonde, spying/peep

Sophia has come home. She is uptight and a little nervous. There has been a murder of a reporter. She has proof that a european government was behind it. She comes into the room having taken off her business suit. Now only in her panties, bra and heels, she has put on a bathrobe and poured herself glass of wine. She walks around the room nervous. She sits on a high chair, throwing off her shoes and stretches her feet. She stands and sits on a couch and calls her contact Tracy to tell her she has the data, She pulls out a disk from her bra and looks at it. She confirms the meeting tomorrow. She places the disk back in her bra and stands again. She didn't know someone was spying on her the whole time. Enjoying the site of her bare feet stretching.