Adreena and the Foot Licker Burglar

A clip starring Adreena Winters

Adreena Winters in Adreena and the Foot Licker Burglar

In this clip: feet, peril, embarrassment, desperation, POV, Fixed camera, brunette, foot worship, rejection, blackmail, passive/submissive

A journalist goes home, when she comes to the threshold of her door, a man suddenly comes to her and puts his hand on her mouth telling her to make no noise if she does not want to have serious problems. She is terrified and she says yes with the head. He takes the key and asks her to sit on the sofa, she trembles. The man walks over to her and asks her where the documents are. She replies that the documents are not here. He gets angry. She is terrified, she tries to suddenly escape but she didn't remember the door is locked... The journalist asks him not to hurt her, she will do whatever he wants. He sniffs her hair. He approaches his mouth from her ear and he says "okay, where is your room?" She is always paralyzed and after a moment shows him the direction. They are in the room, he asks her to undress but to keep her sneakers, he will take care of it personally later, she obeys immediately crying and saying nothing. Once this is done, he shows her the bed, she places herself on her back, he puts both arms up and begins to kiss her on the cheeks she asks him to stop and he asks her to shut up, then he sniffs her hair for a very short time, then whispers in her ear that it's time to get down to serious things. She has wide eyed and the man goes to her feet. He removes her sneakers, the journalist does not know what happens. He caresses her socks and he gently removes them one by one, she is very scared. He approaches her feet to his face and sniffs at them for a long time. One sees all the distress of the journalist. He begins to kiss her feet and she asks him to stop, helpless and disgusted. He continues and she asks him to stop again. He puts his feet up and approaches her very menacingly asking her to shut up. She obeys and will not utter a single word during the rest of the video. He gets closer to her feet taking one and begins to lick it a long time. She is in distress, suffers and is disgusted. She has her head turned on one side because she does not want to see it. After a while he takes care of her other foot and after two feet at the same time.