Laura Mesmerizes and Foot Dominates Guy

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Mesmerizes and Foot Dominates Guy

In this clip: feet, trance/hypnosis, casual/ordinary, mental domination, Fixed camera, humiliation, crushing, playful/giggling, brunette, foot worship, submission/slavery, choking, dominant/leading, rubbing

Laura is chilling out on her bed, stretching her legs and posing her feet just in front of your face. Her husband walks in and approaches her. There is something he needs to talk about: he would like her to stop asking him to play with her feet during intimacy, as it's a turn-off for him although she likes having her feet worshiped.

Laura doesn't take him very seriously, and begins swinging a tiny rope before his eyes... Soon he is under, and at that point she uses the rope to tie his wrists together and she orders him to drag himself at the bottom of the bed and lay down.
Once there, she literally puts her feet on his face and rubs it, pushes it and orders him to worship her feet.

Enslaved by the mesmerize, he just obeys in a passive way. Occasionally he wakes but he is put under again. The last time he is put down the hard way, crushed and smothered by her feet until he surrenders.