Tina Kay and Ammalia - One foot footjob POV

A clip starring Ammalia, Tina Kay

Ammalia, Tina Kay in Tina Kay and Ammalia - One foot footjob POV

In this clip: feet, embarrassment, footjob, cum, casual/ordinary, POV, playful/giggling, sensual

I'm reading a magazine when Ammalia steps in bringing her english friend Tina Kay. They start talking and Tina confesses that her boyfriend asked her for a very special gift: a footjob using only her right foot. She has never done anything like that, so Ammalia decides to use me for a demonstration. She orders me to take my pants off and starts rubbing her foot on my penis, showing the technique to her english friend. Then she invites her to try it out on me, so they swap. At first Tina is very embarrassed, but soon it looks like she's really gifted and starts to have some fun, so Ammalia gets jealous and wants to get back to me. So the two start swapping, teasing, bitching, for a long time, while my penis always has at least one foot working on it!