Schoolgirl Bonnie Forced Smoking and Mesmerize Corruption

A clip starring Bonnie Bellotti

Bonnie Bellotti in Schoolgirl Bonnie Forced Smoking and Mesmerize Corruption

In this clip: legs, bondage, peril, sleeping/limp, trance/hypnosis, desperation, young, schoolgirl, family affairs, POV, domination, brunette, rejection, tits, passive/submissive, smoking, choking, flashing, mouth, naive

You answer the door of your flat and see that, sucking a lollipop sensuously, sexy schoolgirl Bonnie has come to your house pretending she needs extra studies – But, actually, she wants to seduce you into being corrupted. Lots of lollipop sucking, high legs crossing, rubbing and tease talking. You leave and reappear wearing gloves and a balaclava. You grab her from behind and handgag her heavily. Smother her with glove while squeezing her around the waist in a tight bearhug - Making her fall dazed. When she's almost out we watch her crawl on all fours for a bit - then you grab her by the tie and bring her back to the sofa. Here you proceed to daze her slowly, forcing her to smoke a corrupting cigarette, and mesmerize her with a pocket watch until she is completely zombified.