Bondage Forced Orgasm Schoolgirl Corruption Chloe Toy

A clip starring Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy in Bondage Forced Orgasm Schoolgirl Corruption Chloe Toy

In this clip: legs, bondage, trance/hypnosis, desperation, young, schoolgirl, mental domination, POV, horny, blonde, gagging, drool, forced orgasm, age play, moaning, dazed

Chloe wakes and is now tied to chair (her legs are spread with her ankles tied to the legs of the chair and her hands are tied behind her back). There's a magic wand tied to her leg pressing against her white panties. She's gagged with a ballgag between the teeth - we watch her woozily come round and moan and struggle uselessly (lots and lots of drool from the gag). Lots of dazed pleading eyes and mmmphing. At some point the ball gag is removed. The combination of magic wand, headphones and mesmerizing voice gradually corrupt her until she's brainwashed and zombified.