Scarlett Lesbian Foot Worship and Forced Orgasm

A clip starring Ammalia

Ammalia in Scarlett Lesbian Foot Worship and Forced Orgasm

In this clip: genitals, feet, masturbation, young, massage, playful/giggling, brunette, foot worship, lesbian, sensual, medical/clinic, forced orgasm

Scarlett lies on a massage table, in a professional studio; masseuse Ammalia walks in and starts massaging her. As the perv she is, she soon offers her a new "special massage technique", which Scarlett gladly accepts: it is basically a foot worship session, which feels pleasant to Scarlett, so she accepts it even if she thought this is more suitable for private play than for a professional studio. But Ammalia doesn't have enough, and offers her another special treatment, which Scarlett accepts: she pulls out a magic wand and starts using it on Scarlett's pussy, who experiences a forced, intense orgasm.