CindyR Mature CEO POV Foot Domination

A clip starring Cindy R

Cindy R in CindyR Mature CEO POV Foot Domination

In this clip: legs, feet, toes, mature/older, secretary/business, tease, POV, domination, playful/giggling, brunette, foot worship, tits, striptease, sensual, flashing, dominant/leading

Cindy is the CEO of a large company. A successful woman with a high profile. She has to keep up appearances and cannot afford any scandals. However, she has a secret fetish. She likes to tease with her body and have her feet worshipped. She likes to talk down to her slaves while they worship her. She would love to do this all day at work, but cannot! Not very politically correct! So, she does it in private. She recruited guys from the company to be her slaves. She payed very well and did not get fired as long as they kept their mouth shut. Today she had one of the guys from the company delivered to her. She sat on the couch as he kneeled before her. He had a hood over his head. She made him watch as she showed him her legs and heels, talking down to him like the worm he was. She pulled up her skirt, so he could see her legs and stockings tops. She pulled open her top and pulled down her bra to tease him with her tits. She teased him that he could watch but not touch. She then slipped off her heels and teased him with her nylon covered feet. She instructed him to worship her feet, to smell them, kiss them. The guy did as he was instructed. Cindy continued to talk down to him as he did so. Cindy then told him to kneel back again. She slowly and teasingly removed her stockings, one by one from each legs. Her legs now bare, she spread her toes and told the guy to watch her as she teased him with her bare feet and toes. She then lay back on the couch and told him to worship her bare feet. The guy did as he was commanded. Cindy laid back and enjoyed him worshipping her bare feet. When she was satisfied, she commanded the guy to stop and leave. She told him he was worthless. The guy left.