Bella Gasping Schoolgirl Forced Vape Sucking Entrancement

A clip starring Bella

Bella in Bella Gasping Schoolgirl Forced Vape Sucking Entrancement

In this clip: legs, peril, trance/hypnosis, desperation, schoolgirl, family affairs, POV, domination, redhead, rejection, passive/submissive, choking, flashing, mouth, naive

You answer the door of your flat and see that, sucking a lollipop sensuously, sexy schoolgirl Bella has come to your house pretending she needs extra studies – But, actually, she wants to seduce you into being corrupted. Lots of lollipop sucking, high legs crossing, rubbing and tease talking. You leave and reappear wearing gloves and a balaclava. You grab her from behind and handgag her heavily. Smother her with glove while squeezing her around the waist in a tight bearhug - Making her fall dazed. When she's almost out we watch her crawl on all fours for a bit - then you grab her by the tie and bring her back to the sofa. here you proceed to daze her slowly. Fade out. She awakes slowly (now stripped down to her white panties, white knee high socks and black high heels) and you order her on her knees and make her beg to be put down again. Then you feed her repeatedly from an entrancing vape (it doesn't smoke). After a while you make her crawl on all fours again begging to be put to sleep and get more until she is out completely...