The Geek Meets Lauren Pt1

A clip starring Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in The Geek Meets Lauren Pt1

In this clip: feet, fun, fighting, young, Fixed camera, gym/training, domination, humiliation, playful/giggling

Back from an evening out, the Geek walks Lauren home and the two sit down on the sofa. The Geek is secretly in love with Lauren, so he attempts to get to a closer level of intimacy by offering her a drink. The two end up talking about sports... It turns out Lauren is really good at dancing and fighting. It turns out the Geek believes that there is no way a woman can beat a man, not even if she is fit and trained. This triggers disaster for him: the two engage in a friendly fight, but of course the Geek is weak and useless and soon finds himself on the floor, as Lauren giggles and playfully dominates him with her feet, rubbing them on his face. The Geek pretends nothing bad is happening and he still has control of the situation, but in the end he will find himself passing out under Lauren's feet, as she is quite superior to him and it didn't take her any effort to make him useless.