Can You Give Me a Hand? #2

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Can You Give Me a Hand? #2

In this clip: arms, hands, surreal, masturbation, handjob, brunette, annoyed, magic, naive

This is the stuff again! Digital effects, not perfect but already looking quite real, you haven't seen anything like this before!

Honour is minding her own business at the computer. Suddenly her brother comes in: "I need a hand, could you give me a hand?".
Honour is annoyed. Again! She says no, she's typing, but he insists so much that in the end he manages to get her left one, leaving Honour struggling with the keyboard shift key.

Now he is in another room with Honour's magically disembodied arm. Of course Honour has no idea what he needs the hand for, or she would have never given it to him; as she nervously tries to get on with her work at the computer, the guy has started unbuttoning his pants and is now using her voluptuous hand to wank himself off!
It's always best to use a classy lady's silky hand than your own, even if there is no lady attached at the moment: just close your eyes and dream.

As time passes, Honour is getting annoyed and starts to shout at him asking her arm back. Still no idea what he's doing.
Now wanking furiously using her hand, he finally manages to orgasm shooting a (real) big amount of cum, which also ends up on the unaware lady's hand.

When he finally relaxes he shakes the cum off the silky lady's fingers. He is almost ready to return the arm to its owner. Best to clean it up first or she may notice and not give him a hand ever again!