Can You Give Me a Hand?

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Can You Give Me a Hand?

In this clip: legs, feet, surreal, masturbation, footjob, nylon/stockings, foot worship, annoyed, magic, naive

This is the stuff! Digital effects, not perfect yet but getting pretty much there. Already looking quite real, you haven't seen anything like this before!

Honour lies on the couch, wasting her time on the phone. Suddenly her brother comes in: "I need a hand, could you give me a hand?".
Honour doesn't even look at him, and says that she can't right now as she clearly has both her hands busy.
"... A foot will do as well!" he says, and she reluctantly agrees: he can have it for a short while.
Missing half leg, Honour continues wasting time on her phone.

She doesn't exactly know what he needs the foot for, but she doesn't care much: she has selfies to take, and phone calls to do arranging meetings with her friend Jessica.
In the meantime, the guy locked himself in the bedroom, alone with Honour's right foot: he admires its arch, its toes, which he puts in his mouth. He takes his dick out, and starts rubbing it on the sole while Honour keeps distracting herself in the living room.
He takes a nylon sock and puts it on the foot for a short while: he wants to make it look sexy and procative. He also puts one of his sister's Louboutin stiletto heel on the foot, letting it dangle from the toes, entertaining himself and getting the help he needed to release himself.

Time passes, and in the living room Honour starts to shout at him asking to have her foot back. He has now put the nylon sock on his dick and is pumping it into the stiletto heel, rubbing it agains the sole of the foot. In the meantime, Honour takes a selfie of her shortened leg.

When he's done, he returns and magically reattaches Honour's foot. The girl is a bit grumpy, but if only she could know what he has done with it, she would be furious!