Boss Charn Gropes Secretary Bonnie To Humiliate Her

A clip starring Charn, Bonnie Bellotti

Charn, Bonnie Bellotti in Boss Charn Gropes Secretary Bonnie To Humiliate Her

In this clip: embarrassment, groping, secretary/business, punishment, denial, domination, humiliation, nylon/stockings, blonde, brunette, rejection, tits, stripping, lesbian, passive/submissive, annoyed, ENF

Bonnie is busy going over a document when Charn comes in and accuses her of messing up another project hurting her chances at moving up. Charn decides that she will make an example out of Bonnie. Charn proceeds to grope Bonnie's breasts causing Bonnie to become outraged but Charn has information that could get Bonnie fired so she has no choice but to deal with the problem. Charn starts to strip Bonnie topless, Charn gets behind Bonnie and continues to grope Bonnie's breasts some more causing Bonnie to become more and more annoyed until she eventually has enough and puts an end to it. Charn is not worried with the footage she has now she knows she will get that promotion.