Ellie Strapped Onto a Guillotine By Cop Chloe Toy

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Ellie

Chloe Toy, Ellie in Ellie Strapped Onto a Guillotine By Cop Chloe Toy

In this clip: bondage, peril, desperation, young, humiliation, blonde, tattoos/piercings, rejection, uniforms

Ellie has been planning some kind of drug related crime in order to solve up her financial situation; everything seems to be perfect and safe, but, unexpectedly, she is caught and finds herself in prison awaiting for execution! Someone walks in; it's her dear friend who came to visit her one last time; he looks really sad that her beloved friend Ellie is going to lose her head... He tries to seek for contact but she rejects him. In fact, he has always been a good friend but nothing more than that. On the contrary, he is probably quite attracted by Ellie. In the end he giver her a hug and leaves. Later, Ellie is walked into the execution room by officer Chloe Toy, who is cold as usual and tells her she deserves to lose her head. She straps her onto the guillotine, there is some unnerving wait and but finally there is a call coming: just before the blade is dropped, it seems Ellie has been spared so the annoyed cop has to release her.