Lesbian Intercourse On The Guillotine As a Last Wish

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Honour May

Chloe Toy, Honour May in Lesbian Intercourse On The Guillotine As a Last Wish

In this clip: neck, bellybutton, genitals, bondage, surreal, embarrassment, masturbation, licking, kissing, groping, secretary/business, punishment, horny, blonde, tits, stripping, lesbian, passive/submissive, sensual, spreads, dominant/leading, naive, moaning

Prisoner Chloe Toy is about to get guillotined by Honour May; Chloe is a little bit scared but keeps calm. Honour is a firm and cold executioner. Honour explain the procedure of the execution and ask if she as an ultimate wish. Chloe is very attentive and obedient, and says that she has no last wish. Chloe gets handcuffed and has her navel piercing removed, then she gets sit up on the guillotine bench for preparation. Honour ties her hair up, and cuts and tears her blouse off, exposing her neck and shoulders. What a pity, Chloe asks why she is doing this? Honour explains that it's the tradition, all prisoners must have their shirt cut, it makes execution smoother. Just before being positioned on the guillotine, Chloe realizes that she actually has an ultimate wish: she want taste a woman's nipples, as she's never tasted any and she's curious about it. Honour is very embarrassed and doesn't know what to do nor what to say: "there are no nipples for you right here!" Chloe ".... What about yours ?" Honour feels awkward, she doesn't know what to reply, she can't refuse an ultimate wish! Finally, without saying anything, Honour takes off her shirt, presenting her breasts and coldly says: "Taste..." Chloe is grateful and begins to timidly taste Honour's nipples (Honour is imperturbable looks elsewhere); Chloe starts to enjoying it more and more, and sucks more intensely. This gets Honour a bit aroused too, which she tries to hide. But Chloe continues to suck even more intensely, and Honour can't hide her pleasure anymore and starts moaning: she press Chloe's head on her breasts, and then leads her head to her navel and says "lick it...taste my belly button". Then Honour seems to get back hold of her professionalism, cuts it short and puts Chloe in position onto the guillotine. "It's time now!". In a little revenge she take off all Chloe's clothes and prepares to execute her naked. Chloe is strapped on the guillotine, face down, Honour starts a countdown, she is about to release blade but... Suddenly she can't contain herself and tells Chloe "I want taste you nipples too!". So, she remove the handcuffs, and turns Chloe around so she is strapped face up. Honour sucks deeply and fiercely on Chloe's nipples, she sucks, she bites, she lick her navel too. Chloe takes advantages to have hands free, to touch Honour’s nipples with her fingers, she caresses and pinches them. Both girls are very excited. Chloe leads Honour's head down... Honour understands what Chloe wants, and begin to caress and suck her pussy for a while. When she finally orgasms, Honour decides she can't execute her as it would be such a waste, so before she changes her mind she sets her free and let Chloe run away.