Brook Logan Masturbates on a Guillotine

A clip starring Brook Logan

Brook Logan in Brook Logan Masturbates on a Guillotine

In this clip: ass, surreal, willing, masturbation, horny

Brook heard you recently got a guillotine, so she immediately comes into your house and seems to be very determined to try the new thing. You seem to be hesitant, as it's dangerous, but she insists and comes to the point to strip naked to try corrupting you. In the end she wins, and you agree and let her try it. Super excited,she kneels down, puts her head through the lunette and starts getting aroused. you're staring at her, masturbating on your guillotine, as she fantasizes the blade is going to fall and she's losing head. That excites you as well, and, when orgasm approaches, she start asking for the blade. "Please drop the blade, drop the fucking blade on me"... She orgasms and gets out of the machine. She enjoyed the game really much!