Cindy Extreme Peril Struggle - Holding The Guillotine Up With Her Teeth!

A clip starring Cindy

Cindy in Cindy Extreme Peril Struggle - Holding The Guillotine Up With Her Teeth!

In this clip: ass, bondage, peril, anger, desperation, secretary/business, pain/torture, humiliation, blonde, rejection, holding, mouth

Spy Cindy has been captured and is going to be executed by guillotine. For some reasons, she finds the idea of losing her head very humiliating, as she has always been a smart badass. She tries to persuade the headsman in order to get a bullet instead, but apparently there is no way that can happen... Until she tries to corrupt him but offering him money, straight from her cuffed hands. the headsman ends up taking the money and says he can do something for her, but unexpectedly he assaults her from behind, who rolls her eyes in a spectacular way and goes limp. The scene fades out. When Cindy wakes up, she finds herself on her knees, strapped to the guillotine, her neck in the lunette ready to be chopped. She is furious, she had a deal with the headsman and she can't believe that! He laughs as she keeps ordering him to let her out... Instead, he unlocks the blade and puts the rope which holds it up between her teeth: now, it's just a battle with time. He sits apart and enjoys the show: sooner or later Cindy will be unable to keep holding the weight, she will have to open her mouth and at that point she will lose her head by her own mouth! While biting the rope, Cindy seems really confident, she says that she can hold the blade up all the time... But, as minutes pass, she starts to feel fatigue and her mood changes, from bossy badass to panic and desperation. Now she is begging for him to take the rope out of her mouth, but he just wants to enjoy the show. She is almost crying, she feels her mouth is getting weaker and she will have to let go at some point... Will she make it?