Naughty Schoolgirl Ava Dalush Fucked Doggiestyle On A Guillotine

A clip starring Ava Dalush

Ava Dalush in Naughty Schoolgirl Ava Dalush Fucked Doggiestyle On A Guillotine

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Schoolgirl Ava has been caught once again giving head in the school bathroom. She is called by the director in his office, and he puts the facts in her face. She has been naughty too many times, so no more. Ava can't stop being naughty, we clearly understand she is guilty, she loves it and she will do it again. But she knows what awaits her this time: she has given too much head, so now she's going to lose her own head, which will be displayed to the other students as a warning. But, first of all, the director gives her one last time to give head, so he unbuttons his pants and lets her suck his cock. He then proceeds to grope and inspect her bum and legs, as Ava is getting excited again. The kneeling guillotine is brought in the room: Ava is strapped while the director keeps fingering her pussy and groping her bum. Because of the excitement, now Ava thinks she deserved to lose her own head and acts in a more willing way. The director fingers her pussy for some time, then licks it, and finally fucks her doggiestyle on the guillotine.