Adreena Masturbates on a Doggiestyle Guillotine

A clip starring Adreena Winters

Adreena Winters in Adreena Masturbates on a Doggiestyle Guillotine

In this clip: ass, surreal, willing, masturbation, dirty talk, horny, brunette

Adreena is lead and strapped onto a doggiestyle guillotine. On her knees, chest strapped using a leather belt. The blade hanging over her neck. She starts fingering herself, slipping her hand under her pants, and enjoys the moment, feeling of the risk of losing head at any time. The blade will be released when she orgasms, and she knows that. getting more and more excited, she feels orgasm building up, and start asking for the blade. Demanding for it to be dropped on her. She orgasms. But of course everything calms down and her partner helps her to get out of the machine. That was an intense orgasm!