Agent AltSiren on the Guillotine

A clip starring AltSiren

AltSiren in Agent AltSiren on the Guillotine

In this clip: bondage, peril, desperation, secretary/business, humiliation, blonde, tattoos/piercings, rejection

Agent AltSiren has been sentenced. She speaks to the camera, leaving a message for others. Speaking about her upcoming fate, touching her neck. After a while her time is up, she is informed to prepare herself. She rearranges the collar, then turns around and places her hands on her back to be cuffed. She is lead to the guillotine room. The executioner isn't nice to her, handling her like a common criminal. Once in position there is some wait and tension, we also see her face from the basket view. She is nervous, looks like the blade is about to fall... But, her execution will be voided at the very last instant, and she is back free as a normal person!