Judge CindyR Wants To Try The Guillotine Experience

A clip starring Cindy R

Cindy R in Judge CindyR Wants To Try The Guillotine Experience

In this clip: bondage, peril, mature/older, brunette, rejection, dominant/leading

A judge walks into the prison's execution room, meeting the headsman. A guillotine arrived just a few days before, and she is going to send people there in the future when she speaks sentences, so she wants to have a look. Very formal and distant at first, she talks with the headsman about the new device. She walks around it, asking some questions. But she keeps being very curious about it and at some point she ask if he can show her how an execution is actually carried on. Still tries to act professional, but she clearly wants to put her head through the lunette to experience some thrill. Maybe she wants to imagine how the people she sends to the guillotine actually feel, and feel powerful as it all depends on her. The executioner tries to understand her bizarre request and givers her his availability to gentle put her into the guillotine explaining her the basic steps of an execution. Still, he is hesitant because she is the judge, one of his superiors so he cannot be rude or anything like that. So he gently drives her to her knees, has her blouse unbuttoned and her neck exposed, then he puts her head through the lunette and straps her body to the machine. The next step would be to release the blade, but of course they don't and he soon lets the judge out, who confesses she had her heart pounding.