Spy Portia's Battle Against the Clock

A clip starring Portia

Portia in Spy Portia's Battle Against the Clock

In this clip: ass, bondage, peril, desperation, tease, pain/torture, POV, humiliation, brunette, rejection, striptease

Spy Portia has been captured in another country; she is going to end up on the guillotine, but she knows agents from her country are coming to rescue her... But they are getting late! She is now lead into the guillotine room, her time is getting closer... But she is so smart, cold that she starts talking to the executioner - Trying to seduce him, persuading him to uncuff her. At that point she has to entertain him, to gain time. So she starts a slow striptease, hoping her rescuers will be there soon. She ends up naked, and still nothing. The officer is getting impatient, and soon she has to lay down on the guillotine, naked, and get strapped to it in position. Every hope seems to be lost, she really prepares herself to lose head... But at the very last moment, the nightmare ends and she is rescued! It's time to get away!