Handover Deadline - Lauren on the Guillotine

A clip starring Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in Handover Deadline - Lauren on the Guillotine

In this clip: legs, feet, bondage, peril, young, punishment, pain/torture, brunette, big tits, sexy/provocative, passive/submissive, gagging

Lauren Louise has been caught whilst undercover and held captive. Her captors plan to exchange her for one of their own, to ensure Laurens side hold up their end, and prove they are serious, Lauren Is prepared for execution should the deal fall through. At the last minute before deadline the handover is agreed and Lauren is spared. ------------ Lauren, dressed in short tight dress, hair down, barefoot, ankles shackled and wrists cuffed behind her back. Is lead into room, perches on edge of guillotine bench, slightly side-on to camera. Captor explains situation to Lauren, they are waiting for decision from her people, If they accept, she will be exchanged for one of their own agents. If not, she will be executed. It is one hour till deadline, to show their intent she will now be bound and strapped into the guillotine ready to be executed on the deadline should the deal fall through. Lauren asks if they could wait till closer to deadline to restrain and strap her in, captor refuses. Starts by strapping ballgag into Laurens mouth, Her hand and ankle cuffs then removed and her wrists are tied infront of her, her ankles are tied together and she is then made to lie on her back in the guillotine. Her body and legs are then strapped down to the bench. Include wide shots of Lauren restrained, also close ups of face and hands in particular. Captor returns to inform Lauren deadline is only 5 mins away. Lauren now very scared/concerned. Captor now begins preparing for execution. 1 minute to go, captor is informed the deal has been agreed, captor informs Lauren she is to be spared and gets released.